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The founders of Roast Master have extensive experience in the design of high-tech manufacturing equipment for industrial applications as well as management and ownership of hospitality and food service businesses.

Sophistication made simple.
The thought behind our Roasters


Ease of Use

is ensured by having a quick load lock for filling the beans, a simple user friendly interface with intuitive interlocks to prevent that something is forgotten, an ergonomically designed bean receiver an easy to empty chaff container and a fully automatic roasting cycle requiring no previous roasting experience.


is an important element of a shop roaster. As an option you can incorporate your artwork into the stainless steel wraps and the user interface and you can choose roaster to be black, white or even your own corporate colour.


is ensured by workmanship,choice of industrial heavy-duty components and materials as well as a long experience in design of industrial manufacturing systems.

Health and Safety

is ensured by having stainless steel wraps covering the hot parts of the air system, heat shield for the chaff box, and by having safety interlocks, emergency stop and over temperature sensors. The FAB 1.6 can also be covered by an acrylic hood if used in public spaces. All areas in direct contact with the beans are made of glass and stainless steel.


is ensured by having a highly efficient cyclone that separates the chaff from the exhaust air and by collecting the chaff in a sealed container. If an external exhaust fan is required it will be automatically controlled via a control outlet on the back of the roaster to ensure it’s only running while a roast is in progress. The roaster is designed to be quiet and vibration free. FAB 1.6 can be equipped with an electric Catalytic Cleaner to greatly reduce the smoke.

Sophistication made simple.
The thought behind our Roasters



Green beans are a commodity that can be stored for a long time, but once roasted they have a limited shelf life before becoming stale. Even relatively cheap green beans taste great when freshly roasted with the right roasting profile. The same green beans can be used with different roast profiles to cater for a variety of coffee products.


Unlike a drum roaster, the Roast Master FAB roasters (Fluid Air Bed) lift the coffee beans onto a column of precisely controlled hot air inside a tempered glass tube. The roast process is fully visible and a WOW factor that not only lift the beans-it becomes a talking point for both the venue and the coffee produced. Selling bags of fresh shop roasted coffee beans furthermore ads to the image of a being a premium retailer.


Green beans are significantly cheaper than roasted beans. The payback for a roaster investment depends on turnover, but it is typically less than a year. Being able to sell fresh roasted beans in bags or bulk and offer custom roasts opens a new source of revenues for coffee shops and grocery stores. It also creates new business opportunities for starting local micro Roasteries.

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Roast Master Roasters are currently in use in the following countries:

Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Greece, Indonesia, Macau, New Zeeland South Africa, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand and USA

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